Who can see my information?

Click on the video below to hear about protecting your information in clinical trials.

Research staff can see your information. These researchers received special training about how to protect your privacy.


  • Sometimes researchers share study details with other researchers. These details will not have information that can identify you.
  • Before you can join a study, you need to sign a consent form. This form shows that you have talked to the researchers about the study and that you agree to participate. When you sign this form, it means that you understand your rights and your role in the study. This might mean researchers can put your information in a secure database.
  • Some studies collect information that can identify you. Researchers will keep this information separate from other information. Information that can identify you has extra levels of protection to keep it safe.
  • Your consent form lists people who can see your information.

Click here to read the NIH Clinical Center’s Patient Bill of Rights